Zodiac sign soulmates: Astrology's guide to finding true love

Here are some ways that the astrologically motivated can find their zodiac sign soulmates instead of waiting for cupid to strike. 

If you are among the many who believe in the concept of zodiac sign soulmates, you probably already know the basics: which signs you are most compatible with and whose personality traits are likely to irritate you. 

However, knowing who you are destined to be with is half the battle won; where are you going to find this special someone? 

A pushover will never work because Aries is recognized for having an abundance of confidence. If they can maintain a conversation, attract your attention from across the room, 


Taurus people usually do not fall in love at first sight, but if you want a relationship to develop naturally, you have to be willing to put yourself out there and give people a chance rather than running away at the first sign of trouble. After all, the best things in life are worth the wait. 


Gemini is the life of the party and always draws attention, but if you want something more significant, look beyond their meme-sharing skills and see if they can manage your free spirit. 


This deep and passionate moon sign is known for being a homebody. If they will miss Saturday night for cuddling on the couch and sharing childhood recollections, you have found a winner. 


Leo, the zodiac's showstopper, makes heads turn wherever they go. Your ideal partner knows when to step back and let you shine. You love spoiling your partner with love and attention. 


This Mercury-ruled sign is meticulous and unimpressed by the usual flash and bling of dating. Instead, you want someone who is willing to go deeper—bonus points if they can remember how you like things without being reminded. 


Ruled by sensual Venus, it does not take much to lose your heart to someone. To avoid getting hurt, you need a partner who puts you first, treats you like an equal, and does not mind taking the lead in difficult situations. 


Scorpio has loved and lost just like everyone else, so instead of waiting for perfection, look for someone who is willing to work on themselves and put in the work to make your relationship work. 


Sagittarius does not slow down easy, so why limit yourself with someone who can not keep up? Find someone with interests that will broaden your horizons. 


Saturn-ruled Capricorns value structure and discipline in their love relationships. They have little patience for fools, so they want someone who can fit into their life long-term. 


Why go large when you can go home? If they are willing to leave the party early, take the scenic route, and get to know you beyond appearances, you may have discovered the one. 


For this sign ruled by the dreamy Neptune, love is all about great gestures, but you tend to put yourself second in relationships, so it may be time to find someone who supports your aspirations as much as theirs.