Zachery Ty Bryan arrested again for domestic violence

– Zachery Ty Bryan, Home Improvement actor, arrested again for alleged domestic violence in an Oregon jail. (39 characters)

– He was charged with felony assault after a reported dispute between a male and female. (83 characters)

– This incident resembles his 2020 arrest for assaulting his then-girlfriend. (67 characters)

– In 2020, Bryan pleaded guilty to misdemeanor menacing and assault, admitting it was blown out of proportion. (111 characters)

– The recent arrest follows police responding to a call at an Eugene residence. (72 characters)

– The name of the other party involved has not been disclosed. (61 characters)

– Bryan, 41, had a romantic relationship with Johnnie Faye Cartwright during his marriage. (91 characters)

– TMZ first reported the news, and he was later tracked down, taken to jail, and booked. (84 characters)


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