"You want your 10-year-old daughter to see a naked biological man?" Martina Navratilova protests transgender women's athletes.

In response to remarks made by North Carolina State Representative Maria Cervania, 

Martina Navratilova continued her campaign against the acceptance of transgender players in women's sports.

Cervania, a Democrat now serving in the North Carolina House of Representatives, was recently captured on tape discussing the inclusion of transgender athletes.

Referring to the media's notion that biological men were invading women's locker rooms, Cervania stated that, for her, a locker room was a "place of functionality." 

Margaret believed that it encouraged cooperation within a team and improved everyone's performance.

I lose hope because of the way the story is being told. I will not minimize young women and girls' feelings of insecurity or the impact of any traumatic experiences they may have had. 

 To me, however, a locker room was a utilitarian space. It's where you and your teammates bonded over a common cause or nationality, 

and it's where your coaches shaped you into a better person," said Cervania.

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