"Yellowstone" Luke Grimes Announces Career Change


Luke Grimes, a 39-year-old former actor who now performs country music, 

has some noteworthy professional news! Although there is still no clear release date for his debut album, 

fans have been excitedly awaiting its arrival. The actor who plays Kayce Dutton, however, 

has happily recorded a scattering of songs prior to his major musical debut, 

including the well-known "No Horse to Ride," "Hold On," and "Oh Ohio." Luke most recently revealed ,

a new version of his song "Hold On," working on a duet with Northern Irish co-writer Foy Vance. 

According to a press statement from Luke, "Hold On" has grown to be one of my favorite songs ,

on the upcoming album. Although Foy Vance and I were unable to meet in person, 

The Rose Bowl's Future Was Already Settled Upon.

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