WWE has announced their Jimmy vs. Jey Uso strategy.

Eye Uso leaving WWE has sparked more concerns than answers concerning

 Dave Meltzer briefly revealed WWE's strategy for the clash and indicated that it would await a major

event.SummerSlam transformed The Bloodline narrative, as Jimmy Uso betraying Jey set up a long-awaited

after SummerSlam was least convincing as he was put down with a Superkick following a wild scene.

After fighting all his Samoan relatives, Jey Uso left WWE and won't return, which is part of the plot.

In this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Triple H and his staff want to prolong the bout

his staff want to prolong the bout, which is why they smartly cut Jey Uso off TV.

Jey and Jimmy Uso's first singles encounter will be at PLE, however the date was not announced.

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