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The next part of Karol G's story is just around the corner. The singer has shared the news that her new album, titled Maana Será Bonita (Bichota Season),

will be released in the near future. Maana Será Bonita

 which was released in February and created history by being the first album by a solo Spanish-language female artist to reach number one on the Billboard 200, 

 will be followed by the release of this new album. Karol dropped a seductive video on all of her social media channels in order to make the news. 

It shows her laying on the floor as she is sketching something with black and pink glitter on a piece of paper.

The huge surprise occurs at the very end of the music video and reveals that she has recreated a few of the adorable characters from the Maana Será Bonita album with sinister characteristics. 

This may be a clue to the atmosphere of the upcoming album. Text at the conclusion of the page lets readers know that "Maana Será Bonita" 

(also known as "Bichota Season") would be released on August 11.The song "S91," which she had posted earlier in the month, was released just before the announcement.

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