With Hollywood's failures, Netflix's Top 10 Movies Show Exactly What Streaming's Future Looks Like

Streaming companies like Netflix are under fire for lingering issues, writer mistreatment, and price hikes, which are hurting their future.

Even if Netflix's image has improved since cracking down on password sharing, the lack of trendy, original releases shows a lack of value for customers, which Netflix needs to address.

Netflix's hot films are mostly older releases, and with prospective projects delayed due to strikes, streaming companies may run out of new content and lose users.

The top 10 Netflix movies show the future of streaming platforms after Hollywood's failures, and it's bad.

 Hollywood bosses have been criticized over the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, with streaming services leading the way. 

Actor residuals and streaming companies' mistreatment of authors have tarnished the once-loved services.

Netflix lost public support after raising fees and pushing down on password sharing, as did other services. 

All these recent issues make streaming sites' futures appear bad.

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