Which doughnut you should eat based on your zodiac sign

We've already explained why your favorite doughnut is missing a hole. Today, we'll use the zodiac signs 

to help you decide which doughnut best suits your distinct personality. According to astrology, each zodiac sign is predisposed to prefer

various flavors and meals. While this may not be true for everyone, it follows the same pattern and makes sense in light of the sign's 

characteristics. Below is a list of doughnuts that correspond to each zodiac sign.

They enjoy the stronger flavors of life and aren't hesitant to take chances. They could love the contrast of flavors in a cinnamon-sugar doughnut.


They love simple, tasty cuisine. The doughnut may be filled with melted chocolate cream, making it simple and delicious.


Though unusual, they cannot have both. Eating requires more than flavor. The twin may like the unique doughnut-croissant mix.


They enjoy seasonal fruits and live simply. They may try a pumpkin spice doughnut since they are willing to try any seasonal food.



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