When watching on mobile, Netflix is making it easy to give a show a thumbs up.


When you tap on your device's screen while watching something, more thumb buttons will appear.

Netflix is adding the ability to give a show or movie a thumbs-up, double thumbs-up, or thumbs-down while watching it on mobile,

which might make it easier to teach the streaming service's algorithms about your viewing tastes.When you tap the screen while watching something, 

you'll now see the three distinct thumb buttons in addition to the alternatives you're used to (such the skip forward/back buttons and altering the speed of a movie).

According to spokesman Layal Brown, the new thumb buttons will be accessible on iOS on Monday and "later" on Android. (When I asked for an Android release date,

Brown said he had "no other specifics to share.") If you want to rate a video while you're not actively watching it on mobile,

you can do so from the information screen of a show or movie. In 2017, Netflix abandoned its star rating system in favor of a thumbs-up method. 

It introduced the double thumbs-up in 2022 as a means for viewers to emphasize how much they enjoy what they're watching.

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