What's the deal with unsalted butter in cooking?


Those who have tasted and enjoyed my baking over the years that I have baked professionally (and beyond) are the only ones who know that I virtually always use salted butter. 

I don't want my personal preference for salted butter to destroy their impression of me as a Serious BakerTM, not because I'm trying to conceal anything.

A Serious BakerTM has the traits of someone who follows the rules, appreciates order, is reasonably good at math, and is meticulous in their work. 

 When picking up a bowl and whisk, Serious BakersTM always do it in accordance with the recipe's exact specifications. 

In addition, unsalted butter is used exclusively; in fact, it is unusual to come across a recipe that calls for salted butter.

Whenever a recipe for cookies made with unicorn salted butter appears online—typically a chocolate chip variety—people react with a mix of surprise, fury, and irritation. 

 Charlotte Druckman "nearly choked on [her] bratwurst" when she learned that a friend's mother always baked with salted butter, as she recounts in a 2018 Washington Post piece about salted butter.

The vast majority of results that come up when you search "salted versus unsalted butter" will advise you to always choose unsalted butter, citing benefits such as reliability and preservation.

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