Wendy McMahon and Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews head CBS News.


NEW YORK (Reuters) – Wendy McMahon, a CBS executive, was named to an expanded role on Monday, 

taking over the network's news division, locally owned stations, and syndication business.

McMahan has worked alongside Neeraj Khemlani for slightly more than two years, heading the network's 

legendary news section as well as the news operations at the 14 network affiliates it owns in locations such as New York and Los Angeles.

Khemlani announced his resignation as co-president of CBS News and Stations on Sunday. 

With the approaching retirement of Steve LoCascio, president of CBS Media Ventures, 

McMahon will be in charge of syndicated shows such as "Jeopardy!," "Entertainment Tonight," and "The Drew Barrymore Show."

On Monday, she appointed Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews, a 30-year veteran of CBS News, to manage the news division. Ciprian-Matthews most recently served as CBS News' senior vice president of newsgathering.

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