Visitor to Arches National Park Captures Unsettling Photo of Strange Figure on Rocks

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When I was younger, I visited Arches National Park. It's quite small and can be reached quickly and easily by automobile from the adjacent Utah vacation town of Moab.

It's also beautiful, with breathtaking views and unusual rock formations that look like something out of a fairy tale.

Stranger things than that were discovered by these guests.

A visitor to Arches National Park captures footage that has her questioning whether or not she seen anything other than a magnificent and physics-defying rock creation.

She shows a snapshot she took at one of the arches quite early in the morning, in which an unknown person can be seen standing behind her.

From this close, the person looks to have two coppery, bulbous heads, one pair of legs, 

some frighteningly tattered arms, and no other distinguishing characteristics. At first glance, it looks terrifying.

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