Viewers Are Terrified by Lindsay Lohan's Pepsi Commercial


Lindsay Lohan's Pepsi commercial promoting "Pilk and Cookies" has sparked strong reactions from viewers. 

The ad features a new combination called "Pilk," which is Pepsi with a splash of milk. 

This mixture is also known as a "dirty soda" and has left viewers feeling concerned and unsure about its taste. 

– Lohan claims to be a believer in "pilk," but many Twitter users remain skeptical.

– People on social media are split on whether this drink is acceptable or not.

– Some users were taken aback by the unusual combination and questioned its appeal.

The ad has stirred discussions online, with one user clarifying that "pilk" is indeed a real thing. 

– While hot chocolate is a winter staple, the introduction of "pilk" has left some unsure about trying this new winter drink.

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