Victoria Azarenka slams tennis officials and wants change.

Victoria Azarenka has been embroiled in a number of high-profile squabbles this year, and she is currently at the center of yet another major controversy.

Belarusian star Azarenka has been repeatedly questioned about her views on the Ukraine conflict this year

And she has stated that she is 'tired' of talking about it after important tennis matches.

She has now joined the argument over match time, which has been a recurring criticism this season.

Azarenka has urged that tennis officials adjust their calendar to avoid alienating fans and players due to unexpected order of play.

I try to be reasonable, to compromise, to generate ideas, and we move at the slowest possible pace to get things done.

"I absolutely lost it yesterday because we work so hard in the Players Council and I just felt so frustrated, like I'm not making a difference and I put in a lot of time, a lot of effort," Azarenka explained.

This is the one sport where you don't know when you'll play. As a player, I think it's ludicrous.

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