Vegan influencer Zhanna Samsonova "dies of starvation" on an all-fruit diet.

After trying a fruit-only diet, a vegan influencer may have starved to death.

Zhanna Samsonova, 39, ate just fruits, sunflower seed sprouts, smoothies, and juices for four years. Friends said her diet had grown worryingly rigid in recent months.

"She looked exhausted in Sri Lanka a few months ago," a friend claimed.

I lived one story above her and feared finding her dead every morning. I persuaded her to get therapy, but she died."

According to RTVI, the Russian national, known as Zhanna D'Art on social media, died in Malaysia on July 21 while touring southeast Asia.

Her mother Vera Samsonova said she acquired a "cholera-like infection" hours before flying home. However, Zhanna's official cause of death is unknown.

"I eat simple food, although I have a lot of experience as a raw food chef," stated the raw food vegan influencer. I adore making healthy food and encouraging others.

"I've only eaten fruits, sunflower seed sprouts, smoothies, and juices for four years." Five years of raw veganism got me here. I change daily. I love my new self and will never return to old behaviors."


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