Tyreek Hill marina incident captured on surveillance video: report

Tyreek Hill of the Miami Dolphins was the subject of a police investigation last month for assault and violence, but he avoided charges.

Hill is accused of slapping a man in the back of the head at a Miami port, and CCTV video of the event has surfaced.

Hill is seen being held back by another person in the video tweeted by South Florida sports journalist Andy Slater, but he appears to reach around and punch a man from behind. He was whisked away after connecting.

The video then switches to Hill being restrained by multiple people; he also makes eye contact with a woman, whom he appears to push aside. He is restrained once more before walking away from the commotion.

At the time, Miami-Dade police notified Fox News Digital that Hill was being investigated. Hill is believed to have hit the man on Father's Day after the two got into an argument at Haulover Marina in Miami Beach.

Slater stated that Hill's team boarded a boat without permission and that Hill slapped an employee on the back of the head. The employee did not want to seek charges.Prescott should reduce his turnovers in 2023 to help the Cowboys compete.

According to Slater, employees told police that Hill promised them, "I can buy you and the boat," and that he was "No. 10 with the Miami Dolphins." However, the two have settled their disagreement.

"The parties to the incident that occurred on June 18th, 2023 at the Haulover Marina involving Tyreek Hill have resolved their differences,"

according to a joint statement given by Evan Feldman, the attorney for Kelly Fleet Inc.'s employee, and Julius Collins, Hill's attorney.Sept. 10 marks the 2023 Cowboys' road opener versus the New York Giants.


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