Trump Is 'For The First Time' Terrified, As Lawrence O'Donnell Describes in "Terrified"

Lawrence O'Donnell, a MSNBC commentator, suggests that Donald Trump is displaying behavior of a defeated individual in the face of multiple criminal cases. 

O'Donnell points to Trump's lackluster appearance on Fox Business and his abrupt 

cancellation of a news conference where he promised election fraud evidence. 

Trump's sudden reliance on attorney advice, a departure from his past behavior, signifies his newfound fear, 

possibly triggered by the 13-count indictment from Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

O'Donnell highlights that Trump's legal team failed to deter his offensive remarks about Fani 

Willis until her indictment, which appears to have a strong impact on him.

Fani Willis' indictment is uniquely influential, causing Trump to react more significantly than before. 

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