Travis Scott relocates to Rome following Egypt's rejection of his 'Utopia' concert.

After being turned down by Egypt, Travis Scott devised a new location for the promotion of his new

Utopia album performance titled Circus Maximus, which he chose to be in Rome, Italy. 

This new location has the same deep historical link as the previous one.

The Antidote rap sensation made the announcement on Instagram, and the date of the performance was revealed to be August 7th.

In addition, in order to promote his fourth album, the rapper also released a movie in select AMC theaters with the same name as the album.

Prior to that, the 32-year-old musician had his first look at the Pyramids of Giza in order to launch the long-awaited marketing for his record.

However, the Egyptian authorities threw a wrench into his preparations when they canceled the hip-hop star's planned show. 

The authorities cited many allegations of immoral actions in the hip-hop star's prior shows, including the accusation that the hip-hop star displayed satanic symbols.


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