Tom Holland is still a Spider-Man fan at heart

Tom Holland definitely would have used the GIF of a stunned Leonardo DiCaprio pointing at a TV in "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" the first time he saw himself as Spider-Man in 2016.

Holland thought nothing would surprise him when the highly anticipated "Captain America: Civil War" trailer appeared to commemorate Spider-Man's entry in the MCU.

His mask's modest CGI eye movement resembled a zooming camera lens. It was inspired by the character's comic book aesthetic and meant to show the film's MCU magic. Holland, a lifelong Spider-Man fan and Spider-Man, was caught up in the hoopla.

“I didn’t know the eyes would be expressive when we were making ‘Civil War,'” Holland told The Washington Post earlier this month.

He will play Fred Astaire in a biopic, a part he thinks he won by tap-dancing on the Spider-Man set to stay warm. Maybe Rihanna's viral "Umbrella" lip-syncing helped.

Pascal has offered Holland a new Spider-Man trilogy, but he hasn't committed.

“We are not committed to making three more [Spider-Man] movies, but it’s on the table and has been discussed. I want to do right by the character. "I don't want to hog Spider-Man," Holland stated.

“I would proudly step down and let the next young person take over. I'm unsure about Spider-Man's future or my role in it. I wish.”


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