Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's Dissatisfaction With Yellowstone Prequel Rumors

The WGA writers strike and SAG-AFTRA actors strike have halted most TV and film productions, but even before that, the Yellowstone franchise was revealed to be in a chaotic crossroads and will end with Season 5. 

However, fans can expect future spinoffs and prequels, and 1883 actors Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are reportedly upset that James and Margaret Dutton won't return. Is that true or horse pucky?

In December 2021, 1883 premiered as a single season about the Dutton family's roots in Montana's Paradise Valley.

Yellowstone's expanding world was still a novel concept. A Season 4 flashback showed fans how James died, implying its limited lifespan. 

Now that Paramount+ and Paramount Network have worked with Taylor Sheridan to build an industry for these series, speculations have circulated that McGraw and Hill are disgruntled about not being able to return for a new season.

RadarOnline reported that the country music stars were "fuming" about Sheridan's refusal to continue James and Margaret's story.

If such reports were genuine, Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren's 1923, which was previously set up as a one-and-done season, could be a reason for concern.

After the initial news about their discontent, a spokeswoman for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill said the claims were "not even remotely accurate," which is consistent with McGraw's earlier statements about returning as James Dutton.


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