This year, Victoria Azarenka has been at the center of a number of high-profile disputes,  

After being at the center of several major stories already this year, Victoria Azarenka has once again become a focal point of controversy.

Azarenka, a tennis player from Belarus, has been asked about her opinion on the conflict in Ukraine after nearly every major match she has played this year.

Now she's weighing in on the ongoing controversy about the scheduling of matches, which has been a sore spot all season.

Elana Rybakina, ranked third in the world, said last week that she was "exhausted" after concluding her match against Daria Kasatkina in Canada at 3 a.m., 

the same time that Andy Murray played some outrageously late matches to start the year at the Australian Open.

Azarenka has proposed that tennis organizers make adjustments to the schedule to prevent players and spectators from becoming disenchanted with the erratic flow of games.

"I absolutely lost it yesterday because we work so hard in the Players Council and I just felt so frustrated, like I'm not making a difference and I put a lot of time, a lot of effort," Azarenka said.

We're making glacial progress toward our goals despite my best efforts to be reasonable, to compromise, and to generate new ideas.

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