The Pie You Should Make According to Your Zodiac Sign

Pie seems to be the after-dinner dessert that brings people together. However, with so many alternatives available, it might be tough to decide what to bring to the holiday meal. 

That's why we contacted experienced astrologers for their advice on what pie to create based on your zodiac sign. 

 Continue reading to see if you're ready to make a conventional apple pie or something a little more experimental, like a coconut cream pie.

Ries are outgoing persons that might be intimidating if you're not used to them.

 They enjoy taking risks and will want to create a pie that reflects that spirit.

"The flavours of key lime pie are straightforward and exciting, which aligns with Aries' vibe," notes Alice Smith, an astrologer from Alice Smith Astrology. 

She observes that the tartness of a key lime pie is unmistakable, which is ideal because Aries cannot try to be anything else than themselves.

Tauruses thrive in secure and comfortable environments. However, as zodiac foodies, they enjoy indulging.

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