The Top 3 Luke Grimes Films & Shows


Luke Grimes is one of Hollywood's emerging stars, best known for Yellowstone. Grimes is a unique actor who has succeeded 

on both the big and small screens since the early 2000s. Grimes can play both action and romantic roles. Grimes is still rising, despite his success.

Brothers and Sisters (2006–2011) Brothers and Sisters, ABC's award-winning drama, inspired modern TV dramas like This is Us. The Walker family faces ordinary Pasadena problems in the series. Sally Field and Calista Flockhart led the show,

but supporting actors like Luke Grimes' Ryan Lafferty added depth. Luke Grimes' major break was the 35-episode run, which garnered many Emmy nominations. Brothers and Sisters was innovative and relevant.

True Blood (2008–2014) HBO's True Blood gave Luke Grimes a chance to expand his series and movies by giving vampire romance more bite. Sookie (Anna Paquin) falls in love with old vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer) in a small Louisiana hamlet and discovers the supernatural.

Grimes played sensitive and philosophical vampire James Kent in the sixth season. True Blood's horror and romance made vampires scary and sexy, even after James Kent was recast for season 7.

Yellowstone (2018–2023) The TV series Yellowstone revived the western with a modern touch. The strong Dutton family battles internal turmoil to protect their Montana property. Luke Grimes plays Kayce, the oldest Dutton son.

 Grimes has made Yellowstone a cultural phenomenon by playing off his co-star Kevin Costner, and it has spawned several more shows that enhance the show's rich backstory.

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