The Mega Millions jackpot has risen to an estimated $1.25 billion.


After Tuesday night's projected $1.1 billion prize went unclaimed, the Mega Millions jackpot soared to $1.25 billion. The winning numbers for the latest drawing were 8, 24, 30, 45, 61 with a Mega Ball of 12.

Mega Millions' fourth-largest jackpot is $1.25 billion. As more tickets are bought before Friday night's drawing, it may rise. After no tickets matched all six numbers in Friday's drawing, Tuesday's grand prize was valued at $1.05 billion.

Mega Millions winners might choose an annuity or a lump sum. New jackpot cash option: $625.3 million. Tuesday's jackpot was $550.2 million.

Pre-tax totals. Since April, 30 draws have been held with no tickets matching the five white balls and gold Mega Ball, increasing the jackpot. Summer's second billion-dollar prize was Tuesday's Mega Millions.

Powerball's $1.08 billion jackpot was won at a downtown Los Angeles mini-market last month. After a winner was announced, officials stated it could take months to identify the ticket holders.

Lottery officials said Tuesday night's prize would have been the sixth-largest in U.S. history. Illinois sold the third-largest Mega Millions ticket in July 2022, valued $1.337 billion.

A Maine Mega Millions ticket sold in January was valued around $1.348 billion, while the greatest Mega Millions jackpot was won in 2018 at $1.537 billion. California won the largest U.S. lottery jackpot of $2.04 billion in November 2022.

The second-largest Powerball grand prize, worth $1.586 billion, was split among three ticket holders in California, Florida, and Tennessee. Mega Millions odds are 1 in 302.58 million. 45 states, DC, and the USVI sell $2 tickets. Tuesday and Friday nights are drawings.

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