The Fool card in Tarot represents a fresh start. The Fool is on his way to a new beginning, and as indicated by the satchel on his staff, he has everything he needs or desires.

The Fool is depicted in vibrant attire with a backpack attached to his staff, a dog at his heels, and a chasm. According to the Fool's Tarot card, he wanders aimlessly with his temporal possessions.

A daydreamer oblivious to his surroundings, he is likely to tumble off the cliff. The dog following him attempts to caution him.

The Fool card upright in a Tarot reading represents new beginnings, new adventures, new opportunities, boundless possibilities, enjoyment, passion, thoughtlessness, and rashness. This card may tell you to quit daydreaming and pay attention otherwise you may fall and seem foolish.

Upright Fool Card Meaning

When the Fool card is reversed in a Tarot reading, it symbolizes a bad decision, indecision, apathy, hesitation, and a faulty choice. It can be a new beginning you're not thrilled about.

Reversed Fool Card Meaning

The Fool card in a Tarot love reading is exciting. If you're single, a fun, wild, lively romance might be right around the corner. If you're in a relationship, it means you're so stoked about this love of yours that you are kind of freaking out over it, but not in a bad way! Embrace it.

The Fool Card Love Meaning

Welcome to our ultimate resource for understanding all of the possible The Fool tarot card combinations and meanings! The Fool is one of the most iconic and complex cards in the tarot deck, representing new beginnings, innocence, and taking risks 

The Fool Card Combinations 


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