The following is a breakdown of Joe Biden's net worth:

Joe Biden is once again collecting a paycheck from the government, having cashed in during the Trump administration. 

This does not prevent him from continuing to add millions to his already substantial fortune.

A conservative assessment places President Biden's net wealth at $10 million, up from $8 million when he began office. 

The growth is in no way connected to any economic activities conducted by the family in far-flung places. 

Instead, he is increasing his wealth by sitting on real estate, which is something that a lot of people in the United States do when they reach the age of 80. 

The aggregate value of the president's two residences in Delaware is now estimated to be $7 million, 

which is an increase of $1.8 million from the value of both homes when he assumed office.

His summer home in Rehoboth Beach, which spans 4,800 square feet and is estimated to be worth $4.5 million, 

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