The Flash movie becomes quite dismal. Update on the Max release


The Flash will not debut on Max this month, disappointing fans. 

Critics and fans have been criticizing and praising the Flash movie. The film's talking points include Ezra Miller's controversial dual role as Barry Allen and Michael Keaton's 31-year Batman return. 

If you're asking when the film will stream, you won't like this update.Max's August list of TV and movies did not include The Flash.

DC doesn't want the internet streaming of The Flash to deter people from seeing Blue Beetle when it opens in theaters on August 18, the same day The Flash's 60-day window ends.

DC wants to keep The Flash from taking the focus for a new movie, which is understandable yet unpleasant.

Max's Flash visit: when?

Max will stream The Flash "in the Fall after its exclusive run in theaters this June." Max may not be released until late September.

Since the picture won't arrive in August, releasing it in September should leave enough time between Blue Beetle's theatrical release and The Flash's Max release. 

There are no major superhero movies coming out in September, which could boost DC's film's streaming numbers.Max can’t wait for the Flash. Stay tuned for a better update, as the timeframe depends on several factors.

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