The Cowboys appear to be making a final decision on Ezekiel Elliott.

Fans of the Dallas Cowboys have been vocal throughout this summer about their desire to see running back Ezekiel Elliott return to the team,

especially in light of the two-game ban handed down to running back Ronald Jones on Monday.

On Tuesday, Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy made the announcement that the possibility will not materialize.

Because of the representatives, to be specific. We are not going to encounter a difficulty and then turn back from the path because of it.

We are interested in meeting these young men. I want to watch them compete in different games.

Tony Pollard's status as the Cowboys' starting running back gives the impression that the Cowboys' roster is complete in that department.

In addition, Dallas selected Deuce Vaughn, a top player from Kansas State, in the 2023 NFL Draft.

It appears as though Elliott will participate in the National Football League in 2023, but it is likely that he will do it in a city other than Dallas.


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