Tears Of The Kingdom Player Traps Ganondorf And Tortures Him To Death

"The game says mastering Zonai devices will make the journey easier but I don't think this is what they meant."

Recent-Marsupial-65 suggests fencing Ganondorf and beating him with electric spikes if you're having trouble defeating him in Tears of the Kingdom. 

Torture him to death. Who needs the Master Sword?

Recent-Marsupial-65 cornered Ganondorf into an impenetrable pen before launching their creation with stakes, motors, thunder emitters, large wheels, spikes, and a little trial and error.

It's a fast-spinning spiked lightning mace on a podium level with his head that hits him every rotation, reducing his health until his last phase. He can't move in the pen, therefore he'll suffer.

With two huge spinning maces, Ganondorf will fall faster. 

peedrunning might work, but getting him into the pen requires luck and chance. 

 If you want to build it yourself, RM65 posted a more detailed YouTube instruction below.

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