Taylor Swift performed in the parking lot in Los Angeles.


I'm a diehard Taylor Swift fan, or "Swiftie," as her followers like to refer to themselves.

She finished the final performance of her 2023 American tour on Wednesday night. 

I decided to drive down to Los Angeles by myself on Tuesday night in my small Chevrolet Cruze ,

to see if I could secure tickets for the event. This was an impulsive and rather foolish move. 

My trip to Los Angeles was hampered by numerous setbacks, including my car breaking down in Las Vegas ,

and learning that it wouldn't be repaired until the next day. Unfazed, I sped out to the Californian  ,

metropolis in a rental car and arrived as the first opening act was starting their performance.

At that point, hordes of Swifties decked out in sequins and sparkles were anxiously scrolling  ,

The Rose Bowl's Future Was Already Settled Upon.

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