Still needs speed, Tom Cruise. Count me in. 


I'm less interested in grandiosity and spectacle as I become older, especially in movies.  

Superheroes are not my thing, and I don't care much for elaborate fantasy, science fiction, 

or anything involving deep space.Though I'm leery of time travel, precognition, and necromancy, 

I react to movies in which human characters are dressed normally rather than in chainmail ,

or Kevlar supersuits. However, I would surely watch a Jimmy Page biography ,

about the guitarist's time spent in a Scottish estate related to beheadings and hauntings. 

Just tell me a good story, please. Recently, my wife and I have been binge-watching Kelly Reichardt's minimalist movies. 

While some people would find "Old Joy," "First Cow," and "Showing Up" to be horribly banal, 

The Rose Bowl's Future Was Already Settled Upon.

Thanks for watching  Interesting News