Stephen A. Smith requests that the New York Knicks trade RJ Barrett for a $176 million superstar.

For months, whispers have circulated about what the future may hold for Portland Trail Blazers standout Damian Lillard, who publicly requested a trade earlier this month.

Though the Miami Heat are widely believed to be his favored destination, Stephen A. Smith believes the New York Knicks should be engaged as well.

During a July 25 episode of First Take, the ESPN personality threw a temper tantrum explaining why the $176 million superstar should look to take his talents

to the Big Apple and broached the idea of a trade idea headlined by RJ Barrett that could potentially turn such a hypothetical into a reality.

"Did you know the New York Knicks have 11 draft choices between now and 2030?" Did you realize that they hold seven of the first-round picks? Did you know

they're available and can trade eight picks? It won't take much, but they can afford to give away three or four selections, plus an RJ Barrett and an Evan Fournier," Smith explained.

"You deal RJ Barrett, Evan Fournier, and [Quentin] Grimes. I don't want to give up [Immanuel] Quickley, but if I had to, I'd give up [Lillard], but I don't want to.

You give up three players and three to four draft picks. The Portland Trail Blazers cannot claim that those are insufficient assets."Stephen A.


Herbert's record-breaking $262.5 million contract represents an NFL record.