Star Wars Teases Rebels Retcon with Ahsoka & Palpatine's Major Ramifications

Star Wars Rebels has shown indications of a significant retroactive continuity alteration that is forthcoming in the Star Wars franchise.

 The retroactive continuity (retcon) in question will have significant ramifications for both Ahsoka Tano 

Emperor Palpatine. The World Between Worlds can be regarded as a substantial nexus. 

In the realm of the Force, a source of immense power exists within a distant galaxy. 

The initial demonstration of this phenomenon occurred within a previously aired cartoon series, which was broadcasted several years ago. 

However, it is possible that there exists an unexplored aspect of the cosmic domain that has not been thoroughly examined by visual media.

The World Between Worlds is a notable location within the Star Wars universe that has been the subject of scholarly examination due to its association with the concept of time travel. 

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that this particular phenomenon possesses a remarkable capability to facilitate entry to a diverse range of geographical and temporal destinations. 


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