Sofa Vergara wants court intervention to enforce her prenuptial agreement with Joe Manganiello.


Sofa Vergara is now completing the details of her divorce from Joe Manganiello, and she is fighting to keep their prenuptial agreement intact. 

On July 17, the pair announced the end of their seven-year marriage, citing "irreconcilable differences" as the basis for their divorce.

According to newly discovered records, Vergara reacted to Manganiello's divorce filing on July 26 by requesting that the court honor their prenuptial agreement. 

Furthermore, she asserted ownership of certain things, such as jewelry, artwork, and other personal effects, claiming that they should remain hers. 

She further claimed that her earnings prior to and during their marriage should be considered her own assets.

While the pair always showed mutual love and respect for one another, sources close to them indicated that they had significant disparities in their tastes and

hobbies. Despite their efforts to accommodate each other during their marriage, they endured many problems and ups and downs over the course of their relationship.

Despite this, they maintained a positive public image. Sources said Sofa Vergara was handling the divorce scenario admirably, and she answered to Manganiello's suit on the same day. 

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