Six Kitchen Cabinet Trends to Leave This Year, According to an Interior Designer

Kitchen cabinets are one of our greatest investments (in our houses, period). 

High-lacquer cherry cabinets with braided wood trim are a good example of how a permanent feature may fall out of style.

The result: “We’ve seen the prices rise.” Lighter woods are being replaced by mid-tones.

White has covered us for a while. “Every gorgeous kitchen we've seen is white,” adds Wismer. 

 A creamy or khaki tint, as she used in her kitchen renovation, may also highlight white elements.

Neutrals are appealing for obvious reasons. Wismer argues beige and gray aren't our only alternatives. 

She adds that standard cabinets now come in those colors.  

the rising trend of drawing color inspiration from nature (it's what we view out our windows).

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