Sharon Osbourne reveals the dramatic consequences of utilizing Ozempic for weight loss: Watch

Sharon Osbourne recently revealed the spectacular results of utilizing Ozempic for weight loss.

Sharon's dramatic metamorphosis that made her look "younger" was discussed on Bill Maher's Club Random podcast.

"You have a weight loss problem and you've tried everything, and then someone says take this injection and you'll be skinny," Sharon replied.

Bill, on the other hand, revealed his apprehension about "injecting foreign substances" into his body

 claiming that weight loss therapy is a "game of always playing the odds." Sharon agreed with the host and said, "Always."

She elaborated on the drug's negative effects, saying, "The first few weeks were horrible because you just throw up all the time." You're sick."

Sharon, on the other hand, stated that she was fine and felt nothing after a few weeks.

"I've been off it for a time now. "Your stomach shrinks," she explained. Sharon stated that Ozempic was effective since she lost her appetite. 


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