Shakira and Lewis Hamilton's Secret Meeting: Insider Reveals Details

It has been reported that Shakira and Lewis Hamilton purportedly convened privately subsequent to the departure of the singer's staff. 

According to a report by Telecinco, a prominent Spanish TV broadcaster, the renowned singer of the song "Beautiful Liar" 

the esteemed racing icon had the opportunity to meet on three separate occasions at the singer's luxurious property located in Ibiza.

The alleged pair, who have been observed in each other's company on multiple times following their initial public appearance in May, 

were reportedly engaged in frequent discussions, as overheard by the individual responsible for driving him.

According to Sergio Garrido, Shakira and Hamilton encountered each other on three separate 

occasions within the confines of an Ibiza property subsequent to the departure of the house's staff.

According to Garrido, the singer remained in the company of her private escort after the departure of the employees and subsequently received a visit from Hamilton.


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