Shakira and Lewis Hamilton waited for workers to leave before holding a'secret' meeting: insider


Shakira and her new boyfriend, Lewis Hamilton, allegedly met together behind closed doors after the singer's workers had departed. 

According to Spanish TV broadcaster Telecinco, the Beautiful Liar singer and the racing legend met "three times" at her opulent Ibiza villa.

The purported couple, who have been seen together at several events since their initial public appearance in May, were overheard having "constant conversations" by his driver.

Sergio Garrido, a paparazzi photographer, claimed Shakira and Hamilton met "three times in the Ibiza villa" after "the workers left" for the day.

"When the workers left, the singer stayed alone with her private escort and received a visit from Hamilton," Garrido explained.

This follows reports that the Columbian singer is excited to see where her connection with the Formula One driver will lead her.

An informant told In Touch Weekly that Shakira and the seven-time world champion have become "inseparable."

"She's over Gerard and fast-tracking her romance with Lewis," a source added. "They're inextricably linked. It's a sizzling summer romance."

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