SAG-AFTRA demonstration is sparked by Indiana Jones stunt double


Stunt performers, including Indiana Jones' double Mike Massa, rally outside Atlanta against corporate greed and for better benefits for SAG-AFTRA members. 

The striking visual representation featured Massa engulfed in flames, walking with a sign reading "SAG-AFTRA on Strike." 

Concerns include low income for many members, with 87% earning less than $26,000 annually, leaving them ineligible for health insurance. 

Massa, known for doubling Harrison Ford, proudly shared the moment on Instagram, highlighting dedication to the cause. 

The SAG-AFTRA strike gains widespread attention and support from stunt performers and the entertainment industry. 

Rally in Atlanta is one of many events organized to address the issues faced by these dedicated professionals. 

Mike Massa and Elena Sanchez remain determined to advocate for fair treatment, better pay, and improved benefits. 

The strike continues as performers stand united against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. 

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