Robin Williams' daughter begs fans to stop "spamming" her with viral imposter videos.


Zelda Williams asks people to stop sending her a viral video of Jamie Costa impersonating her late father, Robin Williams.

The video showed Costa's spot-on impression of Robin during the filming of "Mork & Mindy" in 1982.

In the clip, Costa perfectly captures Robin's voice and mannerisms as he hears about John Belushi's death.

Zelda acknowledges Jamie's talent but finds it weird to receive the impression on a sad day for her late father.

The video gained popularity for its uncanny portrayal of the "Good Will Hunting" star.

Zelda, 32, tweets her request to fans to stop spamming her with the footage.

She emphasizes that her request is not against Jamie, who displayed remarkable skills in the impersonation.

Zelda's plea highlights the need for sensitivity when sharing content related to the deceased.

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