Review of 'Til Death Do Us Part': An Action Comedy That Wishes It Were 'John Wick'


From Nobody to Gunpowder Milkshake, movies have capitalized on secret assassin organizations and tragic protagonists trying to escape bloodshed since John Wick made a mid-budget film a hit.

 Til Death Do Us Part, starring Natalie Burn as an assassin bride-to-be, follows this theme. Unfortunately, the film entirely overlooks what made all these movies effective,

providing uninspiring action scenes, undercooked characters, and lethargic pace that makes this almost two-hour movie overstay its welcome.Til Death Do Us Part cuts between storylines. The Bride and Groom (Ser'Darius Blain) honeymoon in a tropical paradise in the first story

. We also follow the Bride as she calls off the marriage on her wedding day,  hiding in her father's country home from her old colleagues. The Bride, Groom, and Groomsmen work for a sinister organization, so she knows she'll be hunted if she flees. 

The movie keeps each story's timeframe ambiguous, but viewers shouldn't need more than a few minutes to comprehend what's occurring and where things are going. Til Death Do Us Part's clichéd premise undermines its attempts to surprise viewers.

Silencer and Gangster Land were disappointing action films from Timothy Woodward Jr. Til Death Do Us Part is straightforward like Woodward Jr.'s other films. Strangely, 

the movie's language keeps the Groomsmen's commands and past secrets a mystery, as if there's something surprising to reveal. It's not. Any twist is heavily telegraphed and will play out as expected.

 Til Death Do Us Part would be fine if it had compelling characters and thrilling battle scenes. The film fails on both counts.

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