REPORT: Sandra Bullock Responds to Michael Oher's ‘Blind Side’ Disgusting Charges

He alleges they benefited off his name, image, and likeness in a conservatorship.

Michael Oher, the subject of The Blind Side, claims the rich Tuohy family deceived and exploited him.

The 37-year-old former NFL offensive lineman petitioned to terminate the conservatorship this week. 

 Oher said in court that the Tuohys persuaded him to sign conservatorship forms in 2004.

This discovery made fans ask whether Sandra Bullock, who portrayed The Blind Side's mother

Sandra Bullock is “heartbroken” by Michael Oher's charges.

“She regrets that such a fantastic narrative, a spectacular movie

a magnificent moment in her life now has been tainted,” a Daily Mail insider said. 

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