Rashida Jones and Amy Poehler reunite: Ann and Leslie 4eva


Amy Poehler's TikTok featured a surprise guest, Rashida Jones, celebrating Galentine's Day.

The Parks and Rec stars strolled in New York, dancing to Miguel's "Sure Thing."

Poehler used hashtags "#parksandrec" and "#annandleslie4eva" in the caption.

Leslie Knope (Poehler) and Ann Perkins (Jones) were iconic besties on the show from 2009-2013.

Jones left in season 6 but returned for the series finale and a COVID-19 special.

Poehler and Jones also collaborated on the animated series Duncanville.

Another mini-reunion happened with Adam Scott and Nick Offerman on a strike picket line.

Scott's Instagram shared a photo of the Parks and Rec duo during the reunion.

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