Rapper Chingy criticizes Ja Morant's group for sticking with him merely for his $192 million deal.

Ja Morant became famous last year, but his staff has stuck by him. However, rapper Chingy recently commented on this relationship's fickleness.

Over the season, Memphis Grizzlies standout Ja Morant has been in and out of trouble. After his Denver gun scandal, Morant was suspended by the league and media.

The teenager apologized after pondering on his conduct, but he soon followed up with a similar event early in the Grizzlies' offseason. 

 In doing so, Morant was banned from any organization basketball activities.

NBA superstar's life was especially tumultuous. Morant was practically playing with fire before his hefty contract deal kicked in.

While discussing Morant's position, American rapper Chingy noted his crew's support. He also explained the crew's presence.

The rapper made a fascinating point about Morant gambling with his feature and his boyhood goals.

Before talking about his "entourage," Chingy emphasized Morant's poor priorities.


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