Ranking of the Top Tom Holland Films


Since becoming Spider-Man in the MCU, Tom Holland has become a star. He's the youngest to play Spider-Man. He also won a BAFTA and three Saturn awards. 

Holland is most known as Peter Parker, but he has appeared in many other great films. He played Billy Elliot in Billy Elliot the Musical because of his dance ability as a child. The Impossible followed.Holland's MCU Spider-Man role won hearts worldwide by 2016. 

Holland played Spider-Man in three Marvel movies. He also appeared in independent and animated films. Holland is a young actor with a solid career who keeps going.

1.Spider-Man: Homecoming was Holland's breakout film. Spider-Man's narrative shows Peter's struggles as a teenager with his powers. Holland brings a softer side to the neighborhood's nicest superhero.

Building on Captain America: Civil War, Homecoming established Holland's Spider-Man. Homecoming cemented Holland as Spider-Man for a new generation, one that will dominate the role for years.

2. Impossible A tsunami destroys the hotel where a family is vacationing in Thailand, leaving them alone and helpless. Holland's debut feature film, The Impossible, is genuine. The film is powerful as this family fights to reunite. 

Holland, Naomi Watts, and Ewan McGregor's performances are riveting. Game Rant calls Holland's pleadings and screams outstanding and one of the best child performances on film.

3.Devil Always Holland proves his versatility in The Devil All the Time. His character suffers from the town's corruption. This is Robert Pattinson's second film with the fantastic ensemble cast. Holland's first "dark" role since Spider-Man.

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