Prince Harry's foreign tour will be a'major reset' for the Sussex brand.


Prince Harry has taken a number of blows in recent months, including court rulings against him and business failures with wife, Meghan Markle.

However, given his impending work-related trip plans, the royal may be seeking to repair his public image.

Daniela Elser, a royal analyst, suggested that the Duke of Sussex has adopted the persona of 'Sad Harry' in recent years, 

considering how he has been expressing his problems with the Royal Family since his departure in 2020.

In her editorial for, Elser wondered if Harry's travel plans could be a'major reset' for the Sussexes' PR catastrophe that has plagued them in recent months.

Harry will travel to Tokyo before heading to Singapore for humanitarian work. Dusseldorf is also on his schedule.

He might also have business in Europe. Throughout this time, he will be working on his Netflix documentary, which will be shot in Africa.

According to Elser, "this is exactly his milieu, the sort of territory where he made his name, back in the days when he was still allowed to use his HRH and the Buckingham Palace pool."

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