Patrick Mahomes reveals what Chiefs need to do to officially become dynasty

The Kansas City Chiefs have won the Super Bowl twice in the last four years. They have not only appeared in the AFC Championship Game for five consecutive seasons, but they have also hosted each one and won three of them. 

Success pervades Chiefs Kingdom, and with head coach Andy Reid and superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes at the helm, there's no sign of that changing anytime soon. 

Can we call this Chiefs team a dynasty? Mahomes isn't convinced just yet, but he knows what it will take to earn the title.

"I believe we are at the start of one. "I always say in dynasties, you have to win three," Mahomes told CBS Sports' Jonathan Jones during Chiefs training camp.

"Our job is to do everything we can to win as many games as possible while not having any regrets when we leave the field." I believe that if we maintain our current approach, we will be able to determine whether we were a dynasty or not at the conclusion of our career."

There's no denying that Mahomes is perhaps the best quarterback in the league, and he's helped propel the Chiefs to the status of the league's next dynasty

 He's earned two league MVPs, two Super Bowl MVPs, two first-team All-Pro awards, five Pro Bowls, and two Super Bowl titles in just six NFL seasons.

The grind is genuine for Mahomes, and his teammates benefit as a result. Every great in the game, especially at the quarterback position, has stated something similar to what he just said about not being satisfied. 


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