Patrick Mahomes is the NFL's lowest-paid player at $450 million.

It was "unprecedented," "massive," and "historic." Even at $450 million, it appears quaint by today's standards and like the NFL's biggest deal.

The 2020 summer saw the Kansas City Chiefs' first Super Bowl win in 50 years. Their summer priority? extending Patrick Mahomes' deal.

The team signed Mahomes to a $450 million, ten-year agreement. The contract guaranteed $63.0819 million and gave Mahomes a $10 million signing bonus. 

The contract guaranteed $141 million for injury and $477.631 million contingent on Mahomes' roster status.

It changed quarterback contracts. It was not the first ten-year quarterback contract, but it was the richest. In March 2001, Brett Favre became the first quarterback to sign a ten-year, $101.5 million contract with the Green Bay Packers. Days later, Drew Bledsoe signed a $103 million ten-year deal.

Three quarterbacks preceded Mahomes at ten years. Next, Donovan McNabb signed a 12-year, $115 million contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. 

Daunte Culpepper and Michael Vick followed, with Culpepper receiving a ten-year, $102 million deal in 2003 and Vick's $130 million pact expiring in 2004.

Years later, Mahomes made his historic agreement. Mahomes' contract averaged $45 million each season, obviously different. The contract kept Mahomes with the team until 2032, despite these staggering amounts.


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