Outlander midseason finale: Jamie and Claire go home.


It's fortunate that Claire (Caitriona Balfe) is a doctor who is unfazed by blood or lost limbs. 

She wouldn't have been able to go through miles and miles of dead people after a war to find Jamie (Sam Heughan). 

She also does a fairly decent job at threatening people with a sword. 

Jamie's pockets were being searched by a woman who had no chance.As Claire checks Jamie's listless, 

bloodied body for wounds, Jamie mutters, "That tickles," which causes Claire to lose her composure. 

Why is he unconscious on the battlefield? Why can't he get past his illogical hero complex? 

She is enraged because he could have been killed.As she washes his hand, 

Jamie ultimately lets her vent. He finds out that we prevailed in the conflict and that Ian (John Bell) is still alive. 

The Rose Bowl's Future Was Already Settled Upon.

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