Olivia Dunne joined gymnastics for what reason? TikTok star reveals the source of her passion for sports.

Olivia Dunne, the LSU gymnast and social media sensation, has been captivating the internet for quite some time. Dunne once explained why she began gymnastics. 

Through her Snapchat story, she recently revealed who motivated her to join gymnastics. Her viral potential as the highest-paid athlete appears boundless, 

making her the ideal choice for Forever 21 to increase the reach of their product. In the August issue of Elle USA Magazine,

this wealthy gymnast hinted at a possible withdrawal from the sport, as well as fascinating future enterprises.

Dunne mentioned on her website that she was only interested in gymnastics to wear a dazzling pink leotard. She finally fell in love with gymnastics and,

at the age of eleven, became the country's youngest Junior International Elite qualifier. Despite her fame and success,

the gymnastics legend's family is her most vital support system. On a recent episode of the 'Full Send' podcast, she expressed her gratitude to her sister, who has been a rock of support. 

In a recent social media post, Dunne revealed who ignited her interest in the sport she excels at. Dunne, a TikTok celebrity, recently included a video of her lovely mother,


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